The little Studiodiary of the Toyboxstudio-Sessions – 2012

Being in Bristol again and sitting on the cosy Toyboxstudio couch in the control room Mario had the idea to write down some of his impressions into a little book. But it is not only about the sessions … because Stef, John and Mario had a lot of fun …

18. of March
Arrival at about midnight at the Glanville Guesthouse

19. of March (10 am – 22 pm)
After a fine continental breakfast, with BBC6 Music and a nice walk through Bristol Mario and Stef Hambrook arrive at the same time in front of the Toyboxstudios. This day is reserved do bring all the pieces (of all songs) together in one Pro Tools project. Those different parts belong to sessions done in Bristol, Berlin and Munich. Mario is insufficient dressed ;-) … for a long day in a basement studio in early March… so a little cold is already knocking at the door.

20. of March (10 am – 22 pm)
We start with “Accident and fate”, wich is still considered the opener of the cd. Stef creates a powerful sound for the drum & bass section. In the afternoon “N.O.R.M.A.” meets a “Wall of sound” … Mario just can’t get enough guitars into that mix …

21. of March (10 am – 1 am)
One day after spring has arrived all over the world we start with the mix of “seasons spring” …”and all is light now, seems so right now …” This song is followed by “Bitter Hours” the same day. … The Midges go drum & bass … the meaning of that will be revealed at the latest on the day of the record release ;-) … While Stef is creating a beautiful soundscape for the different parts of this song Mario records little piano pieces meant for another song. So far the longest day at the Toyboxstudio – Stef and Mario leave at about 1 am.

22. of March (10 am – 21 pm)
A little quiet song takes the whole day – and it is worth it – “Julia sleep well” sounds amazing! So after this session it is time for a beer in a nearby pub. Now we know we will need more days than assumed. Finally I am glad to realize: I will be back in Bristol soon – in May.

23. of March (10 am – 2 am)
Some headaches in the studio … beer and schnaps and coffee and pills … It turns out to be the best mood for “No choice” … Mario starts writing that diary while Stef creates a powerful unit of bass and drums. Finally John joins the party. It is the longest session so far. It ends at 2 o’clock in the morning.

24. of March (10 am – midnight)
“Hanging around” turns out to be special because of its quieter parts. Stef designes a unique atmosphere. John invites Nick and Asa to join us for a sweet little tea’n biscuit break and a relaxed conversation about music – of course ;-). Having finished at midnight John, Stef and Mario have a beer – after succeeding in finding an open place

25. of March (11 am – 5 am!!!)
Mario is introduced to a fine Monmouth Coffee as a starter for an unexpected long day. John and Mario have a little (but unrecorded) piano/ xylophone session. That little song “Tragic melody” causes the longest session of the whole week: but wait until you will hear it … Stef drives Mario to the Glanville Guest Hous e at about 5 o’clock in the morning …

26. of March
Day of recovering from 7 days’ deprivation of sleep. John and Mario enjoy a sunny Bristol on the Grain Barge – sunrise cider … while Stef is drumming. In the evening accompanied by dear friends all have a fine dinner.

27. of March
John and Mario leave Bristol. John for Glasgow, Mario for Berlin. But he comes back on May the 15. … two long psychedelic pieces of music wait to be mixed …

15. of May
After a flight with lots of turbulences Mario arrives in Bristol on a cloudy day. Staying again at the Glanville Guest House, room nr. 1, he hits the road for a nice evening walk thr ough Bristol. At 10 pm Stef and Mario meet again at the Toyboxstudios. They have a beer at the Canteen. They enjoy live music and wild dancing women …

16. of May
A fine continental breakfast as a starter for a splendid mixing day at the Toyboxstudios. Stef mixes ‘End of fireworks’, an intensive psychedelic number of about 9 minutes, so of course this session leaves midnite far behind …

17. of May
The longest song of the upcoming album is mixed. ‘The woman on the star’ provides another amount of psychedelic fun even when mixing … Kathi is visiting Stef and Mario. She serves a tasteful curry.

18. of May
Stef makes last but very precious adjustments on the mixes done in March. Yeah – what a sound … They have a nice break at a French restaurant (café rouge). Later on Mario is watching ‘Coogan’s bluff’ on tv.

19. – 20. of May
Further exiting adjustments take place at Toybox. As a break they have tasteful pies at the Pieminister. The session turns out so intensive that it infact lasts until morning at about 6 am. After a an unavoidable farewell Mario decides that he will not go to bed being a little afraid of possibly missing the plane …Oh, no … this time the plane’s turbulences are horrible and enduring. One can feel the passenger’s fear.